About our commUnity

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We are a collaborative movement dedicated to uniting individuals who share a common vision of creating sustainable change by connecting with nature from the inside and out. Our commUnity is inspiring transformation in our world through present moment awareness, nurturance, gratitude, wisdom and compassion.

In our sacred space we offer opportunities to celebrate life experiences in the following areas:

*Spiritual connection for the individual and collective journey through Kundalini Yoga classes, meditation classes, women’s circle, men’s group, Sound healings and various metaphysical & spirit talks and seminars.

*Nature & sustainability through workdays in our commUnity garden

*Cultural enrichment through collaboration to bring you live music events, music workshops, sacred arts classes for all ages

*Health & nourishment through partnerships with local naturopathic doctors, community gatherings and potlucks, nutrition workshops

We are here to share our unique gifts as we learn and grow together. All of our facilitators are creative and educated who share a common goal to raise consciousness by moving through life in love and gratitude for all things and beings.